EMS - The active booster for your life

Never heard of EMS? EMS stands for Electromyostimulation and is a technology that has been used for decades in physiotherapy, in top-class sports and also in fitness to improve body strength, posture and body feeling.

Neuronal stimulation

EMS causes neuronal stimulation of your muscles through external electrical impulses.

More muscles

More muscles are stimulated by these impulses than by conventional training.

Depth effect

Especially the otherwise difficult to reach deep muscles are activated.

Posture and flexibility

Your posture is improved by the activated musculature.


Training with EMS means modern training! Through intensification and optimization your training adapts to your schedule and your fitness goals.

Intensive and optimized

Use the time you have and optimize your personal training experience.

Gentle on the joints

EMS enables you to train in a way that is easy on the joints due to the higher efficiency of muscle stimulation.

Beauty enhancing

Shape your body to your personal beauty level through special training programs.

Simply happy

Achieve your training goal healthily and efficiently with EMS and increase your well-being!

With Nt to Native Training

With our EMS system there are no limits: no cables, no humidification, it's mobile and enduring.

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The TECNATIVES Nt system components

Our unique TECNATIVES Nt system offers you innovation and reliability for your FEMS training or business.

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Nt Core

The heart of the system. Generates body-like impulses and measures body feedback for optimal EMS stimulation.

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Nt Suit

Unique in workmanship and function: the antibacterial impulse surfaces do not require moistening and are easy to wash.

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Nt App

Controls and manages your training wherever you need it: on your smartphone and tablet, on iOS and Android.

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Nt Cloud

The Nt cloud contains all the intelligence of the global Nt community. And it is there for you worldwide.

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Nt Support

Our support provides you with extensive FAQs, a structured ticket system and direct contact to the TECNATIVES Lab.

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Nt Campus

In addition to the simple and intuitive operation, you get comprehensive and scientific knowledge about EMS.

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Special dry electrodes mean that the skin does not need to be moistened.


Wireless control via Bluetooth LowEnergy.


All electrical connections protected in the suit.

In and Out

For use in the studio or freely in nature.


Usable on smartphone or tablet with free apps for iOS and Android.


Intuitive application and control without complicated training.

1 or more

Training as an individual or in a group possible.

Easy to clean

Antibacterial suit, machine washable without special additives.

High Power

Durable and replaceable Li-Ion battery.


Visionary through cloud technologies.


The right shape for men and women - a total of 10 sizes.


Research and development Made in Germany.


I train with TECNATIVES Nt in order to be able to react quickly and strongly to every situation at the job.

Rico ReichelPolice officer, Germany


It’s an amazing effective system, quick, save and fun! TECNATIVES became the best way of clients maintaining achieving their goals.

Cristiane MiorPersonal Trainer, Great Britain

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Your community benefits:


Active participation

As a member of the community, actively help shape the next TECNATIVES Nt generations. Make suggestions for improvements and determine new features.

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Comprehensive support

Get comprehensive support with direct developer contact.

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Train worldwide

Train worldwide in studios and with certified personal trainers.

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Receive invitations to special events and take advantage of special offers.

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