Nt technology innovations

EMS technology+

You only want the best? Then you have only one choice: The TECNATIVES Nt system. Because our scientists and engineers do not strive to reproduce the existing knowledge. We go ahead with actual innovations.
Which technologies do we make available to you with our TECNATIVES Nt system?


Functional electromyostimulation (FEMS) is more than training with electricity. Like the human brain, the TECNATIVES Nt system sends biologically adapted impulses to the body for optimal muscle contraction. This means that far more muscle groups are integrated and trained during training. The training becomes more intensive and you can develop your maximum training power in a much shorter time.
In our system, the electrophysiological body characteristics are measured during training and directly included in the impulse generation. Through this innovative and unique TECNATIVES Nt impulse model, the electromyostimulation is adapted to every skin type and perceived as extremely pleasant.


BIA, short for Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis, is a technique for determining various body parameters. Body water, lean mass and body fat are measured. This also allows conclusions to be drawn about changes in muscle mass. This is done by conducting measuring currents through the body between measuring electrodes on arms and legs. The resistances and phase shifts detected on the way then allow conclusions to be drawn about the composition of the tissue crossed.
These data are of highest importance for the determination of your training success. By offering it, the Nt system can eliminate the need for additional measurement equipment and link measurements directly to training. This makes the training experience even more tangible, accessible and, above all, provable.


Electromyography represents the deep-seated connection of electrical potentials and muscle contractions. Our system uses these signals to obtain information about the condition of your muscles during training. By not only stimulating muscle contractions, but also measuring them simultaneously, the signals can be adjusted to optimize muscle training and even prevent overtraining. The development of the muscular apparatus is also better trackable - another guarantee for the visualization of your training success.

ECG/Heart rate/Breathing rate

Similar to electromyography, an electrocardiogram uses the electrical impulses of the heart muscles to draw conclusions about heart activity. The most relevant parameter for training is the heart rate curve, which can be used to reliably determine your degree of fatigue. The display of your respiratory rate also helps you to further optimize your training.
Even further health aspects of the heart musculature can be determined by detailed considerations.
The TECNATIVES Nt system can therefore not only monitor your performance but also provide important data for holistic health care.

AI/Machine Learning

Artificial intelligence is a branch of machine learning. The TECNATIVES Nt system uses Machine Learning to leverage the wealth of information provided anonymously by the worldwide TECNATIVES Nt community for your training optimization.
Through machine learning, the training algorithms and the product evolve in real time. As you learn about your training habits through the system, the system can improve and customize its predictive capabilities for you from millions of other users' data.

Motion detection

Gyroscopes and accelerometers are classic sensors for tracking motion. They measure rotations and accelerations of an object in three-dimensional space. The TECNATIVES Nt system uses both sensors and can thus determine the type, quality and number of your exercise units.
This allows a simpler administration of trainings by automatically recording repetitions, among other things. In the context of a supervised workout, details in motion sequences are better recognized.

Environment analysis

For optimum training, the TECNATIVES Nt system also knows the temperature, humidity and air pressure of the training environment through integrated sensors. This allows warm-up times and training sequences to be optimised.

Nt Cloud

The Nt Cloud offers comprehensive services for the administration, use and optimization of the TECNATIVES Nt system. For this purpose, training analyses are carried out via the Nt Cloud and the results are used in the Nt App. The powerful Nt Cloud system maintains data centers on all continents to ensure reliability and performance.

Extension Port

With the versatile capabilities of the TECNATIVES Nt system, new applications are always possible. For this purpose we have integrated a universal extension port into the Nt Suit. With it you can connect further hardware, also from third parties, and thus extend the spectrum of possibilities as you like.

Status analysis

In order for you to enjoy your TECNATIVES Nt system to an unlimited extent, we have integrated extensive diagnostic and lifetime components. This means you are proactively informed when you need to service or replace your system components.