Safety by Design

Why the TECNATIVES Nt system is so safe

You can trust it: TECNATIVES Nt is the safe system for training. Comprehensive safety technologies and concepts ensure that FEMS training is safe and controllable at all times.

Safety and security were the first priorities in the development of the Nt Core as a product that interacts directly with people. Our product has several levels of security features that we will now discuss.

Unique communication protocol

The Bluetooth module installed in the Nt Core, which provides the only communication interface of the Nt Core with other devices, executes a Layer 2 communication protocol, XFP (eXtensible Framing Protocol), specially developed by TECNATIVES. For the exchange of sensitive data, each Nt core uses a key without which communication is impossible even if the protocol is known. This effectively prevents the Nt core from being controlled by a non-certified app or hacking the Nt core without destroying it.

Dual core concept

The TECNATIVES Nt Core has 2 independent microcontrollers, the SM (Security MCU) and the MM (Main MCU). While the MM is responsible for stimulation and thus the main functionality of the device, the SM deals solely with the protection of the hardware and software.
Therefore the SM is active as soon as a battery is inserted into the device and starts the MM when triggered by a button press. All other components of the core are directly connected to the SM and only receive power if the SM allows it. In addition, each communication of the Bluetooth module or the MM must be checked by the SM before it is processed.

The SM only allows operation of the MM as long as it receives a heartbeat from an Nt app. This ensures that a stimulation only takes place when an app is active and that the stimulation signal cannot be taken over by a third party.

Secure updates

Both the SM and MM can be updated with security or firmware updates. These updates are delivered with state-of-the-art AES encryption (Advanced Encryption Standard) and are cross-checked before installation, making it impossible to introduce malicious code. This enables a continuous improvement of the firmware, which can even be adapted to any hardware errors. If unexpected pieces of code are found in the firmware, the core is set to error mode and blocks the complete functionality for security reasons until the firmware has been repaired.

Security first - also for hardware

Several components of the core act on the safety of the user without having to rely on programmable components. The Security Connection ensures that the stimulation current can only flow if the core is connected to a functioning suit. Special protective components prevent the occurrence of overcurrents or overvoltages, so that even faulty batteries pose no danger to the user. Since the cores are never directly connected to the power grid, the problems known from wired devices can be excluded anyway.

Automatic warm-up detection

Since stimulation would not only be uncomfortable but also dangerous if there was no warm-up, the Core ensures that no stimulation can take place before appropriate warm-up. For this purpose, a stimulation current is only released when a good conductivity between electrodes and skin has been determined. Since the Nt Suit connects to the skin via sweat, only a sufficiently warmed muscle can be exposed to stimulation.

Why our users are safe

We have asked 350 TECNATIVES Nt users worldwide which properties are particularly important to them in terms of safety. And these were the answers:

Development Made in Germany

Pleasant stimulation

High quality workmanship

Real-time control

Trust in trainers education

Small battery, no grid power